FluentC is all the benefits of Polylang without the performance impact and management challenges

Keep your WordPress website running without losing hours of your time with FluentC

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FluentC is designed to keep the headaches out of Translation Management

While Polylang offers robust translation capabilities, it can be more challenging to use compared to alternatives like FluentC. With Polylang, you may encounter increased site management overhead and a noticeable impact on your website’s performance. This means more time and effort spent on routine maintenance and optimization, potentially slowing down your site and complicating your workflow. In contrast, FluentC is designed to be user-friendly, minimizing management time and seamlessly integrating with your site to maintain optimal performance.

Choosing FluentC can simplify your translation process, reduce management headaches, and keep your site running smoothly.

Translation and Language Features

What is translated by your WordPress Translation plugin will be critical to the success of your site

Translation Specifics

How the translations happen and how they impact your WordPress site’s performance is critical.

Compliance and Support

Signing up for a plugin that is not well supported can be impactful to your site’s long-term health

Cost and Pricing

Having predictable costs is why FluentC offers unlimited translations at a fixed fee.

Site Enhancements

FluentC and other plugins have different impacts behind the scenes of your WordPress site.

Not creating a menu for each language is super important to maintaining your WordPress translations

Translation and Language Features

These tools help make the website accessible in multiple languages, ensuring visitors from different linguistic backgrounds can understand and interact with the content easily. This is essential for reaching a broader audience and providing a more inclusive user experience.

FEATURES FluentC Polylang
AI-Based Translation Yes No
Automatic Language Detection Yes No
Automatic Language Switcher Yes No
Backend translation Future Release No
Custom Fields Translation Automatic Manual
hreflang support Yes Yes – Manually
Languages Supported 140+ 130+

Translation Specifics

This set focuses on the depth and quality of the translations offered, ensuring that all content remains accurate and culturally appropriate across different languages. This is crucial for maintaining the credibility and usability of the website internationally.

FEATURES FluentC Polylang
Taxonomy Translation Automatic Manual
Translation Capacity Unlimited Manual
Translation Editing Future Release Yes
Translation Hosting Your Server Your Server
Translation Security Yes No
Unlimited Translation Unlimited Limited
WooCommerce Support Yes Yes – Premium Upgrade

Compliance and Support

Features in this category ensure that the website meets specific legal standards and provides reliable support to its users. This is important for maintaining trust and ensuring your website operates smoothly and securely.

FEATURES FluentC Polylang
Hippa Compliant Yes No
Plugin Updates Included No
Search Engine Friendly Yes Yes – Premium Upgrade
Site Performance Improved Site Performace Significant Impact
US Based Support Yes No
Workflow Management Change Required No Yes

Cost and Pricing

Understanding the financial aspects related to the website’s operation is vital for planning and sustainability. This group provides clarity on the costs involved, helping in budget management and financial decision-making.

FEATURES FluentC Polylang
Maximum Annual Cost $300 per Language Fixed Unlimited Costs
Minimum Annual Cost $300 per Language Fixed Free – €99.00
Pricing Fixed Fixed Plus Translation Cost

Site Enhancements

These are upgrades that help the website handle more content and traffic, ensuring it can grow without compromising on performance. This is crucial for websites that aim to expand their reach and influence.

FEATURES FluentC Polylang
Increase all plugin size No Yes
Increase Language files for all Plugins No Yes
Increase Page Count No Yes
Increase Post Count No Yes
Increase WordPress File size No Yes

Improvements in this area make the website easier to navigate and manage, enhancing the overall user experience and ensuring that visitors can find what they need without hassle.

FEATURES FluentC Polylang
Manual Navigation Setup No Yes
Navigation Multiplication No Yes
Workflow Management Change Required No Yes