Compare FluentC to your existing WordPress translation plugin.

We designed FluentC for you:

  • Better performance
  • Improved translation
  • Easier to manage
  • Hassle-free pricing model

You need a better solution.

WordPress Translation Plugins have not been designed for the AI powered world till now. A solution designed decades ago is not the way anymore.
FluentC is a modern tool to solve a modern problem

Performance Challenges

Has your translation plugin slowed down your entire WordPress website? We see the challenges with plugins like WPML

You wanted to more traffic not slower traffic. See how FluentC compares to WPML

Management Challenges

How many pages and navigation blocks are created ever time you add a new language? This is the problem with plugins like TranslatePress and Polylang

You want an easy solution not spending hours managing hundreds of pages every time you make a change.

Pricing Challenges

Business and Web Designers need to have reliable cost for solutions. Several WordPress Plugins like Weglot and gTranslate and very complicated pricing models.

You wanted a solution not being charged more for success.

Why not just let Google Translate or the browser translate the page?

The answer is simple, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and other search engines include ChatGPT and GenAI models do not translate keywords or text prior to indexing. This means that your are not able to receive traffic for the translated keywords. This leaves out billions of potentials customers.

Try it yourself. Take your number one keyword and translate into another language and see if have the same position in the search results.

Cost and Pricing

Understanding the financial aspects related to the website’s operation is vital for planning and sustainability. This group provides clarity on the costs involved, helping in budget management and financial decision-making.

Companies Maximum Annual Costs Minimum Annual Costs Pricing Models
FluentC $300 per Language Fixed $300 per Language Fixed Fixed
WPML Unlimited Costs $99 + Translation cost Fixed Plus Translation Cost
Weglot Unlimited Costs Free up to +$9,000 Tiered
gTranslate Unlimited Costs $300 Tiered
Polylang Unlimited Costs Free – €99.00 Fixed Plus Translation Cost
TranslatePress Unlimited Costs €169 Fixed Plus Translation Cost
Google Translate Unlimited Costs Unlimited Costs Pay Every Time


Only FluentC offers you a solution that has a fixed maximum annual price

There are many different minimum prices. The Free options hide large amounts of cost in time management and unlimited cost at the high end

Only FluentC offers a fixed price for all features.

Tiered Pricing punishes you for success

Fixed costs for a plugin charge you a random amount of money every time you change content

Pay every time means that you are subject to unlimited random costs
*Pricing current at time of posting, for reference only