Better Search Engine Optimization

Global SEO to increase your traffic

With over 140+ languages supported your website can attract new visitors from across the world. How many millions or billions of new customers can you attract if your website was available for customers to find in their native language

Easy Management

FluentC is easy to setup and requires no maintenance

Using best-in-class AI we are able to deliver great results without adding to your workload. Setup the languages you want and FluentC does the rest!

Performance that matters

FluentC’s WordPress Translation plugin is designed for performance

Users will be able to read your website in their native language with any hit to performance. This speed will make your website feel more inclusive and more accepting of people that don’t speak the language that you do

Looking for Google Translate Alternative?

Google Translate is a great tool for translating text and other items one at a time.

The challenge starts when you want to translate your entire website and see the improvement in your Search Engine Optimization

Everything you need

The most powerful translation tool for your WordPress site

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No Object Duplication

FluentC does not duplicate your pages and posts. This means that you wont have hundreds of more pages to manage

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Automatic SEO Support

Google friendly setup means that Google will detect the new pages for each of the languages the you setup

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Best in Class Translation

Using powerful AI neural net processing, we are able to deliver best in class translations

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Maximum Compatibility

Our platform is designed to compatible with most WordPress plugins like Woo, Yoast SEO, AISEO and many more

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Easy to Install

Our Plug-in is setup in minutes and ready to go. You select the languages you want, subscribe and you are ready

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Real Support

FluentC is committed to your success. We can help you setup the plugin and address any issues you have. We provide total support with every subscription


Simple transparent pricing

One plan to make your business expenses more predictable and save you from random price increases



/month per language

Save 50% – $50

  • Unlimited Translation
  • One WordPress site supported
  • Translation without object-duplication
  • Top Level Domain Support
  • Hassle-free Management
  • Priority Support
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100% no-risk money back guarantee


This is the product that made a difference for us. We say an increase in traffic in just a couple of days. We have already made back our money and are looking to add languages we didn’t even know we need


Plumbing Company


Installation was super easy and I was able to setup it just a couple of minutes. Works great to translate my site and doesn’t make me worry about it.

Another real plus is the fact that the translations are hosted on my site so it is super fast

The Paintball Experience



Frequently asked questions

What is FluentC’s WordPress Translation plugin and how does it work?

FluentC’s WordPress translation plugin is a tool designed to provide seamless, AI-powered translation services directly within your WordPress site. It works by connecting your website’s content to FluentC’s advanced translation engine, enabling you to automatically translate your pages and posts into multiple languages with high accuracy.

How do I install and activate the FluentC plugin on my WordPress site?

To install the plugin, navigate to the WordPress admin panel, go to “Plugins” > “Add New”, and search for “FluentC Translation”. Click “Install Now” and then “Activate” the plugin. Once activated, you’ll find a new FluentC settings menu in your dashboard where you can configure the plugin.

Is FluentC compatible with other WordPress plugins and themes?

FluentC is designed to be compatible with most WordPress plugins and themes. However, for the best performance and compatibility, ensure that your plugins and themes are up to date. If you encounter any compatibility issues, please contact our support team.

Is there a limit to the amount of content FluentC can translate?

There are no limits to the amount of text you can translate or the number of pages

How is FluentC different than Weglot?

When you update or add content on your website using Weglot, it increases the number of text strings that need translation. This can quickly escalate your costs, pushing your website into a higher pricing tier simply by expanding your content. In contrast, FluentC offers a simple, unlimited translation service at a flat fee, making your costs predictable and manageable. This straightforward pricing model ensures that growing your site won’t lead to unexpected expenses, allowing you to focus on enhancing your content without financial surprises. Read More

How is FluentC different than Google Translate?

Google Translate widget or just let users translate using the browser is all of the headaches with none of the SEO. FluentC is built to give you the extra traffic from expanding your keywords Read More

How is FluentC different than gTranslate?

gTranslate hosts all of your translation on their content cloud. Which means your traffic is going to a server you don’t own. If they have an outage, you have an outage. FluentC is designed to keep all translation hosted on your WordPress site without impacting performance Read More

How is FluentC different than Polylang?

While Polylang offers robust translation capabilities, it can be more challenging to use compared to alternatives like FluentC. With Polylang, you may encounter increased site management overhead and a noticeable impact on your website’s performance. This means more time and effort spent on routine maintenance and optimization, potentially slowing down your site and complicating your workflow. In contrast, FluentC is designed to be user-friendly, minimizing management time and seamlessly integrating with your site to maintain optimal performance. Choosing FluentC can simplify your translation process, reduce management headaches, and keep your site running smoothly. Read More

How is FluentC different than WPML?

FluentC is built differently than WPML. We focused on performance and pricing. Read More

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