Unlock Unlimited Multilingual Potential for Your WordPress Site

Instantly make your WordPress site multilingual, welcoming users worldwide without high costs or tricky setups. Plus, reach more people and boost your site's visibility as each new language helps you connect with more searches.

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Driving language technology for leading companies

Deploy translations faster

A better way to get more traffic

Implementing FluentC into your website is as easy as adding a plugin. No complicated setup, just a straightforward path to global traffic.

Global Search Engine Optimiazation for WordPress.
Attract more customers using our proven multi-language seo plugin designed for WordPress sites to bring a world of customers to your site
Effortless Language Management:
FluentC offers automatic language detection, ensuring that your website adapts instantly to visitors, providing real-time translations as content is updated. This keeps your website multilingual seamlessly
Translation Acceleration:
FluentC's solution allows for rapid translation of applications in over 130 languages, significantly reducing the translation process time and costs. This efficiency is achieved by harnessing the power of AI, tailored to specific enterprise needs​
Fixed Pricing.
$25 per Month per Language. Enable as many languages as you want traffic for.
FluentC WordPress Plugin

Tired of terrible translation plugins? Us too!

We tried a bunch of plugins, but they either made our site super slow or too hard to handle, so we turned them off. That's why we made FluentC for WordPress users and developers like you!

FluentC AI

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Why Choose FluentC for Your WordPress Website?

Discover the unparalleled advantages of making your WordPress website multilingual with FluentC.


Broad Audience Reach

Expand your audience globally by breaking language barriers, making your content accessible and engaging to users worldwide.


Cost-Effective Solution

With a simple, flat-fee structure for unlimited languages, FluentC is an affordable choice for businesses of any size, ensuring predictability in your budget.


Enhanced SEO Performance

Boost your global search engine rankings and visibility, attracting more visitors to your site through optimized multilingual SEO strategies.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Unlimited translations per language, per site.
Set up the languages you want and the price doesn't change!

All Features are included with no additional costs

All subscribers to FluentC.ai translations plugin for WordPress receive lifetime support

Also included

  • Private forum access
  • Subscriber resources
  • Priority Support
  • Improved SEO

Pay monthly, per language/site

$25 USD

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Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement